Jaguar’s second crossover is more of a Jeep thing.

Although Jaguar and Jeep are opposites, but that won’t stop Jaguar from following in Jeep’s footsteps. As we all know Jeep is a pioneer in minting money with overlapping crossover offerings. Jeep’s Renegade, Compass, and Cherokee span less than 16 inches of overall length and are all available with the same powerful 2.4-liter Tigershark four-cylinder engine, and each somehow pulls its weight on the sales charts without stealing customers from the others.

The F-Pace; a name contrived from F as in -type, that super-sexy roadster, and Pace as in . . . well we all know that isn’t it ?, So, for the brand’s second SUV, Jaguar decided to introduces the E-Pace, which is just over 13 inches shorter and also falls between the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Discovery Sport.


The Jaguar E-Pace’s chassis consists of struts up front and a multilink rear suspension setup with a turbocharged inline-four hitched nine-speed automatic transmission. European markets will get both front wheel drive and diesel options, but U.S. Market will only be getting an option of two strengths of gasoline four. Although there’s a standard all-wheel drive or an optional version offering front and all-wheel-drive variant.

As per the first experience of the caranddriver team, they’re offered a engine which produces a 296hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. They’re told that the only difference between the 2 engine options of 246 and 269 the only difference was how much turbo boost they have. But these being members of Jaguar’s new Ingenium engine family, even the higher-output 2.0-liter is far more civilized than the Ford EcoBoost–derived unit that preceded it in the JLR portfolio.


The interior design is clean and simple wit likes of a typical Jaguar. The front seats are comfortable, but one thing to notice is that the cabin is positioned so far forward that the passenger will notice the wheel well intruding awkwardly into the footwell. The rear-seat measurements look competitive on paper, but in reality that space is unexpectedly vertical.

The E-Pace will be reaching the U.S. dealers early in 2018. Variants with the base engine start at $39,595. Those with the 296-hp four will  start at $48,245, and vehicles purchased in the first year can be configured as First Editions, which some variants with exclusive color options and trim with a fully loaded 246-horse model will be $54,545.


Source : CarsAndDriver


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