A car with flashlights, cameras, and a bike rack – Toyota.

Toyota which is known for powerful off-road vehicles such as the 4Runner, Land Cruiser, and the FJ Cruiser, is working on brands next off-roader which is dubbed the Future Toyota Adventure Vehicle, or the FT-AC. The Debut was made at the Los Angeles Auto Show and building the FT-4X concept from earlier this year.

The FT-AC is a compact crossover that is made for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to raise the bar of adventure on their weekend getaways. This is not a rugged body on frame SUV but indeed a very capable crossover with all latest features.

By the concept, its clear that the vehicle has been designed for off-road use, the big aggressive fender flares, skid plates, huge roof rack, all terrain tires, and an integrated bike rack. That’s right, the back of the FT-AC features a retractable bike rack built in connection with the rear bumper. One thing that really pleased us was the vehicle’s fog lamps which can be removed and used for portable lighting, you can even attach them to your bike if you’re planning for a night ride.

The ORVM’s feature integrated infrared cameras, and guess what ? they’re also removable and can be mounted off of the vehicle. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot which automatically uploads the recorded footage to a cloud storage system, where it can be edited and then posted using a mobile device, amazing isn’t it ? This system also has the capability to go live anytime.


The large wild style roof rack holds plenty of gears but also integrates LED lights that will help you provide extra visibility at night and can even act as a flash for the integrated cameras. Like the front LED lights the integrated rear facing LED roof rack lights that can assist during night time adventures and can be easily controlled with the help of a mobile. If you find yourself off path, the integrated will help you get back on the track.

The concept FT-AC also come equipped with a torque vectoring all-wheel-drive system, a variable terrain response system and the ability to lock any wheel any time. We expect the crossover to be shipped with a small yet powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine and likely and we might expect the engine to be hybrid.

The FT-AC could be a preview to the upcoming redesigned RAV4 crossover or  simply it could hint at an off-road crossover that is similar in size to the RAV4 but has a higher price tag thanks to its added capabilities and the brand from which its coming from.

Source: Toyota, MotorTrend



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