LYFT Wins The Permit For AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES In California

Autonomous Announcement

Ride-hailing company LYFT moves one step closer to self-driving vehicles.

Ride company Lyft have finally received permission to test independent vehicles in California by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. According to a report from Reuters news agency, this is the first to receive permission in California and joins companies like Waymo and Apple, as well as big auto manufacturers like Subaru, Ford, Volkswagen, Hyundai and General Motors.


The license comes right after the ride-hailing company LFYT announced a number of strategic partnerships with big automobile companies like Ford. These partnerships are created just in order to test autonomous vehicles because LYFT intends to include them into their vehicle fleet and use them in business of Ride-Hailing.

Their Partnership with Ford aims to bring self-driving cars to the mainstream as both companies collaborated to find how to dispatch autonomous vehicles as efficiently as possible. However, the Ford and Lyft partnership doesn’t intend to put passengers in autonomous vehicles just yet, it will need some time. Both companies intend to slowly phase them in with human driven vehicles just to make insure that the experience remains similar.


As we know earlier this year Lyft also announced their partnerships with 2 companies, Waymo and nuTonomy. The partnership with Waymo is to help Lyft better compete against its biggest rival Uber. Their partnership with nuTonomy basically focuses on improving the passenger riding experience and improve the safety of the self-driving vehicles.

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