All new M and M Performance Variants From BMW.

Apparently BMW M Series doesn’t need a halo car to compete its biggest rival, the Mercedes AMG Project One. But the company is still wanting to expand its M series and the company claims to offer 26 M & M performance cars by the end of the year 2020, reports Autocar.

The upcoming models will consists of new and revised better Vehicles which will include 1 full M models and 15 softer M Performance cars.

“There is huge potential for growth, we are looking at all BMW models to see if we can make an M or M Performance model out of them, although there must be sufficiently large customer demand before we commit.” – BMW M Chief Frank Van Meel.


The new BMW M3 is on its way for debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new model is expected to receive carbon fibre  components that will help bring its weight down compared to the recently revealed M3 CS, which is 110 pounds lighter than the ongoing standard M3. The car will be designed on the latest version of the CLAR platform that’s helping to maximise the use of aluminium and high strength steel. In terms of power it is expected to increase to around 465hp, almost 10 percent beyond the ongoing model. One downside of this low weight will be unlike the M5 that offers all wheel drive, the new M3 is expected to keep the rear drive setup only.

BMW is also aiming to launch M variants of the X3, X4, upcoming Z4, and 8 Series. When it comes to M Performance we can expect to see all wheel drive models which can come to X2, 2018 based 3 Series, and the X7. Although, (not confirmed yet) BMW is currently working on M Performance version of the 4 Series GT and the second generation 4 Series Coupe and Cabriolet. According to Autocar, an M Performance third generation 1 Series is already in the development stages and could eventually come to production.

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