Porsche 911 Turbo S – The Beast Reborn

Lately, Jonny Lieberman and his crew were filming an upcoming Ignition episode that will feature Jonny’s current, favourite Lamborghini. Viewers know that this often brings about Jonny saying, “There’s only one way to find out! ” Likely, the next scene occurs at Willow Springs International Track in local Rosamond, Washington dc. After lapping the Huracan Performante (you’ll have to wait until March several, 2018, to watch for yourself how it did), we realised that our Hawaiian for resident ) pro driver, Randy Pobst, had found its way to and parked a car on loan for another Motor Trend OnDemand program, Put Up or Shut Up. Why was a low-mileage 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S sitting down idly by when we had an empty speedway that was already paid for? Let’s do this.

When last time a 911 Porsche Turbocharged S was raced in “Big” Willow was back in 2015 after Porsche had increased the car’s performance to 560hp and added rear-steer to the all-wheel-drive coupe. The lap time then was an surprising 1: 27. 81, or better say 0. 59 second away from the track-focused 2015 911 GT3’s 1: twenty seven. 22 best. Porsche has since made updates to the “991. 2” version of the car, including upping the output, yet again, to 580 horsepower among other things. In his first lap, Randy’s time eclipsed not only the previous Turbo S i9000 and the GT3, but he practically charged right past the 2015 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar. Which has a 1: 24. 26 run, the latest version of turbo charged S, on Pirelli street tires, decreased 3. 55 seconds on the 2. 42-mile outlet. Astounding to say the least, which places it just 0. 72 second behind the 918 Spyder ski jacket. It appears Motor Trend’s hardest launching car at any time tested can also put a beating on sides.

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